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By Paul W. Beach
Softback print by iUniverse, 2008,
Special edition hardback print by Mythos Inc., 2008,

Written and composed by Paul Beach from 1990 to 1995, Eden Be Damned is a compilation of irregular poetry and short stories aimed at younger readers. Throughout the book the author examines the assumed difference and separation between man, nature, and god and questions the validity of those assumptions.

While this book is aimed at younger readers and attempts to speak to them in a youthful voice, heart, and perspective, it is a combination of personal history for, and of, children of all ages.

The stories and verse are intended to be spoken aloud not read in silence. The author believes that silence hinders self examination. The rhythm and tambour of spoken verse forces a kind of admission that helps promote a more open form of examination.

Eden Be Damned is purposefully organized into a section of verse followed by a section of pros. The style of verse presented focuses on story telling. Each poem is a complete story, each story a complete poem.